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Get Cash for Your Home in Lockeford, CA, No Matter What Condition It’s In

They say selling a house in Lockeford, CA, is more challenging than buying a home. We have to disagree. At Frank Buys Houses, we’ve designed a home-selling process that is easy and lucrative. We’ve removed all the challenge from the task. With just a single phone call, you’ll receive the cash offer that changes everything!

Buying House With Cash

Many investors say they’ll buy a house for cash. Few can back up their claim. Frank Buys Houses can, however, and we have the money available right now to buy your house in Lockeford, CA.

Sell Your House Fast in Lockeford, CA

If you want to sell your house fast in Lockeford, CA, look no further than Frank Buys Houses. We help the community achieve their goals, whether that’s buying a bigger home or going on vacation. You’ll have the cash you need sooner.

We Even Buy Ugly Houses in Lockeford, CA

Even if your house shows signs of its age or simply needs a few updates, we’re interested. We want to buy your house—no matter the condition—for real cash in Lockeford, CA.

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Houses

  1. Send in your contact information.
  2. We’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting.
  3. You’ll receive a cash offer within 24 hours.
  4. We buy your house!

Why We Are the Best Choice to Sell Your Home

We could tell you about the reputation we’ve built by helping homeowners like you. Or, we could tell you about the benefits that come with calling Frank Buys Houses.

  • There are zero fees or commissions.
  • You get cash for your home.
  • We’ll buy your house as-is.
  • We close when on your schedule.

About Lockeford, CA

Lockeford, CA, is a small, unincorporated town in San Joaquin County. Lockeford has retained its small-town charm, with restaurants and cafes right on East Highway 88 through the center of town.

Now is your chance to sell your house in Lockeford, CA. Call Frank Buys Houses at 209-650-3110!

No Transaction Fees

  • Get a cash offer now so you can sell your house quick with no commissions which means you can sell your house even faster.
  • Don’t pay for repairs and get out of your house without the risk and that means you don’t have to wait on contractors to do all the work.
  • No agents wanting a commission fee so you’re able to keep more money in your pocket and avoid having 30 open house showings.
  • No obligation in home visit which enables you to start the ball rolling without even needing to list your house for sale.
  • Discover how you can stay in your home after closing so you’re able to have cash in your pocket now to help you move and pay bills which means less hassle.

The Simple Way To Sell Today

At FrankBuysHouses, we can purchase your home for cash and save you on all of those expenses in an effort to get you as the homeowner, as much money as possible now when you need it.

Frank G. Silveria III

Frank G. Silveria III

With 20 years of real estate investment experience, Frank works tirelessly purchasing homeowners unwanted homes eliminating the headaches and stress that comes with selling.

FREE In Home Visit

Home Visit

So you can evaluate if you want to find an honest contractor to perform all the repairs, and wait weeks or months for contractors to do the work in the hopes of making your money back. Alternatively we can buy it now, no repairs needed.

Convenient Solution Now

Solution Now

It really is that easy. Submit your information and we will get in touch with the goal of buying your home as fast as possible. Even if you need to move fast, need to stay in your house after we buy your house, dealing with a divorce, inheriting a home, headed to foreclosure, or you are behind on taxes, etc.

Same Day Cash Offer

Same Day
Cash Offer

Unlike other solutions, we buy houses every day because we have cash on hand to close fast. Other buyers need to jump through hoops and arrange funding after they find a house they want to buy. We have cash to offer you today. We never make an offer on a house if we can’t complete the transaction right now.

How It Works

Any House. Any Condition. Any Situation.

Step 1

Step 1

Complete our easy form by entering your basic information and property information.

Step 2

Step 2

We will then contact you within minutes and arrange a time to look at your home.

Step 3

Step 3

With our super fast turn around time, we will give you a no obligation SAME DAY CASH OFFER.

Step 4

Step 4

If you accept, we can purchase the home with no cost to you and close in 7 days or Day acceptable to you.


Samuel Cuevas-Coria  House

Samuel Cuevas-Coria Harding Way, Stockton, Ca

Selling my home to Frank felt like I was removing a stubborn thorn from the side of me and could finally feel a great sense of relief. Frank was Genuine and professional with our entire process. This being my first home I’ve sold, Frank was very patient in guiding me through and did a fantastic job in staying in contact and having a speedy response to phone calls, text messages and e-mails. The beauty of his work ethic is that he valued my home at a respectable price and honored the condition it was in. I strongly recommend Frank and his real estate agency to anyone who’s looking to sell their home in a hurry with someone that will be attentive, patient and respectful to you and your home.

Sarah McChristian House

Sarah McChristian Cherry ln, Manteca, Ca

After trying to sell my condo through traditional means and dealing with flaking investors who claim to be interested and then back out when it’s time to get serious I decided I was fed up and I started doing research about selling my home for cash. I came to this website and I filled out a form and within minutes I was on the phone with Frank Silveria III. We discussed what I was selling and what I was wanting to sell it for he came down to my condo the very next day looked at it and then made an offer right then and there. The offer was within the numbers we previously discussed so I took the offer and signed the contract.

Julie Jones House

Julie Jones Cedar Valley Dr, Lathrop, Ca

It was such a pleasure and hassle free experience to work with Frank (owner) and his team. I was so stressed out one morning re: a property we had. I called up Frank around 11am. We talked, I gave him the address of the property. He went back to his office after checking out the property and Gave me a call. We discussed a offer and agreed. By 4pm that same day we were signing docs and I was in escrow by 5pm.
It was honestly that quick and easy. With a 7 day escrow the funds were in my account on the 7th day.
I give them 5 stars and would absolutely recommend them to any of my close friends and family.

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